CAPTO Precision Putting Technology

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CAPTO Precision Putting Technology


MAY 1, 2018:

I’ve always been keen on new technology especially when the data is unique and can help the average player and the newest putting sensor to the golf instruction market has been getting some hot press.  CAPTO, as its called, is a small lightweight device which sits about 45cm up from the heel of the putter on the back side of the shaft, out of the way of sight lines and light enough that it doesn’t the feel of the stroke.

As you can see in this picture, the device sits below the shaft and when placed on a flat surface with the face angle perpendicular to the flat surface, the putter can be calibrated and subsequently, strokes can be measured.  But they can be measured from anywhere!  You don’t need to stand in one spot and roll the same putt.  Once  the CAPTO has been calibrated, the putter can be used on any putt, including on the course, where things seem to change a little bit and tendencies show up pretty fast.   This is a huge benefit to the CAPTO system.

The software is easy to use and pleasing to the eyes.  Once the player is registered in the system and the putter calibrated and stored, we can begin collecting data which is published on the main screen below.  There is so much data to discuss with this system so please watch this basic video and stay tuned for future updates to individual parameters both here, on INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE -> @nickstarchuk

For a Demonstration whether in person or live online, please feel free to reach out by email: