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The CAPTO putting sensor is a small wifi connected device which lets the coach get to the nucleus of the putting stroke.  It provides a wealth of information, which as a progressive coach who likes to question why and how, I’ve learned so much about how people move the putter.  Before we even get to this though, I like to ask like player: What are you trying to do?  Break it down for me from how you aim your putter and set your alignments to what the putter needs to do to make a “good stroke”.

CAPTO provides the nucleus of the motion, the identification of the Putt Kernel and how the player is powering the club through the forces and torques, here labelled as Handling and Trembling or in simple terms – how you’re actually moving the putter – and the where and when.  By showing the player how they use the putter, through speed, acceleration and deceleration, coaches can make tweaks to the stroke and therefore affect the 3D Path of the club head and the Face Angle throughout the stroke.

Here’s a picture of the main LAB screen to give you a sense of what we’re looking at on the CAPTO app.  I’ve included a couple others screens that may be important to your putting lesson needs.


If you would like to connect via WEBINAR, I host a weekly educational session to elevate you CAPTO info.  Email:  Instagram @nickstarchuk