Golf School – Practice for Performance

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Golf School – Practice for Performance

With the weather being a challenge this Spring, it has been important to focus on what needs to be done rather than what can be done.  It’s tough practicing short putts and little chips when its 8* and blowing sideways and then attempting to hit drivers in 4 layers of clothing but those are the things we need to work on now for those with qualifying events or just to be ready for the sunny season – if it ever arrives.  By placing a focus on the purpose of practice and executing a number of shots with a given outcome and score, I’ve found that making practice more efficient can make it more effective.  Who wants to rake in 7 iron after 7 iron when the divot sprays back into your face.  If golf on the course has 1 shot to 1 target with 1 outcome and move on, lets make practice that way too.

One way to efficiently practice your game is by learning how to maximize your time while not burning yourself out mentally or physically.  By creating a game plan, emphasis on game, with a required number of shots to a required number of targets, you can get the most out of a short period of time and #getbetternow.  The all new mid summer Practice Performance Day School runs multiple times each week for 3 hours and you will learn how to hit some shots but how to train your shots, which is totally different.  Do you even know you have shots?  Certain shots that you’ve created that work almost all the time. Lets build on those, with different clubs and tweak the setup and see how far those shots fly and what they do once they hit the ground.  You can take those shots to the course right away – and some Performance Schools have a MYGAME Practice Lesson scheduled right after, so you can take this to the course and learn how to manage your shots.

For further info on the 3 Hour Practice for Performance Golf School or MYGAME Playing Lessons, please email:


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