putting mechanics part 1

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putting mechanics part 1


As a Coach I’m fortunate to watch a lot of golf and a variety of different methods of getting the ball to roll on the green.  Today I’m intrigued by putter length as the 3 junior boys I’m watching have 3 drastically different lengths.  I’d say 30” 32” and 34.5”.

The longest one sits a little toe up and the putter swings nicely

The mid range one fits well for the 5’4” player who stands tall and let’s the spider hit the ball with a thump


The short putter is used by the tallest kid who also has the longest arms, so may 30” could make sense if you’re armchairing it but watching him wave it around is an issue.   The blade style putter must feel so grip heavy, or Low Swing Weight.  The grip is the only thing moving with speed and with a low swing weight it’s got to be hard to decelerate the handle and feel the head catch up.  Yes, DEcelerate.


More on this with capto.