The 3 Questions

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The 3 Questions

If you’ve ever played competitive sports, you go through a stage at one point of wondering “Is this for me?”  “What do I have to do here?”  “Why am I even here…”

Regardless of what sport you’re playing it works the same and this will be about golf.  I recommend writing out your answers to these 3 questions and maybe even get them on the wall for people to see.  This is about YOU and if you can’t get it out and you just want to say “I dunno, I wanna hit bombs and stack money” then you better already be able to do the first one with access to the second.  This is about seeing what comes out.

Don’t over think

Don’t cross out.

Write it all out.


  1.  This shouldn’t be a fairy tale, a hallmark card or what you think someone wants to hear:  why do you play golf?    (competitors:  why do you play tournaments?)
  2. What will it take for you to be at a level of play that makes you content? (maybe not satisfied, yet)
  3. Being great at anything takes commitment to the training journey, where on the other end of that scale is sacrifice, which is what you have to give up to get what you want.  Where are you trying to go and what does that look like?   (If you were a brand, what do you want people to know it as?)


These questions should make you reflect a little bit on your time allotted to golf, how well you spend this time, and how often you’re able to put in this quality time each week given you level of desired play.  They should make you think about what it will look like breaking 100, or 80 or hitting it 20 yards farther or winning.

Without the vision of what the journey looks like the harder random days become.

Write these out with ink and place them somewhere you can see it for 7 days but you can’t touch them, then call me.