Winter Golf Coaching Program

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Winter Golf Coaching Program



I’ve had success coaching golfers using indoor studios for over 20 years, guided by the latest technology to help get results.  As the saying goes, “we are only as good as our best miss” this off-season individual coaching program is built around your needs, your goals and your time.  The history of The Program shows golfers improving their handicap by 30%, over the winter, without playing on the course.  This means that all facets of the game are evaluated and challenged so that when the opportunity to play returns in April, you’ll start with lower scores right away.


Each players program is evaluated in terms of their quality and consistency of ball striking with drills and exercises around curve and distance control.  To become a better player, you will need to improve your swing, but you will also have to shape the way you see yourself training, playing, preparing and evaluating your game pre and post round, which is why this is not only about your golf swing.


The Program consists of the following:

  1.  A weekly 60-minute coaching session between January 1, 2020 and March 30, 2020 (10 sessions) with constant contact in between sessions with practice updates.  Player provided practice video is encouraged.
  2.  A weekly instruction video detailing the concepts and topics related to your program
  3. A fully detailed putting analysis using CAPTO and a 4 week improvement program. This is re-evaluated and repeated throughout The Program.
  4. A monthly re-evaluation of your dispersion charts verified by Foresight GC Quad to evaluate improved data
  5. A monthly webinar on course strategies, pga tour stats and Shotlink data, and ways to shape your game using numbers
  6. A 9 – hole MyGame Playing Lesson in Spring 2020 to put take it to the course


For more information about fees and scheduling your individualized coaching program, please send an email and reserve your preferred time NOW!

Locations in Oakville and Vaughan.