Roll It Better In November

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Roll It Better In November


If you’re reading this post then you’ve seen the ad for putting better in November, and the Unlimited Coaching probably caught your eye.  What is better putting worth to you but an even better question is, do you actually know you’re statistically “good” or not?

What this program will help you do is self measure and self correct.  We’ll go through the ways that the ball can start off line, the ways that the ball doesn’t have the right speed, and the ways to practice this winter at home.  Combining state of the art technology in the Capto Putting Sensor with the Foresight GCQuad ball roll capture, we’ll be analyzing how you move the putter and what the outcome effect on the golf ball.

New to the program is a visual training component to help you “see straighter” when addressing the golf ball on the ground.  This in itself has an effect on how you move the putter and combined with mechanics to improve your line and distance control across different distances, participants will learn how to practice their tendencies and biases, measure their processes, and have a series of exercises to improve the necessarily skills to rolling the ball. Long winded – you’ll get better because you’ll be practicing the right things.

Since this program has unlimited coaching, participation is limited.

Email for registration and scheduling.  $600

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