Indoor Golf Instruction: 2020-2021

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Indoor Golf Instruction: 2020-2021

Winter Indoor Golf Coaching Toronto:

2020 got a really bad bounce, right into the hazard, but we’re playing on carefully not to make a big number.  Good analogy?  The courses were full all summer, just like the golf schools at TPC Toronto, with over 280 people taking advantage of Canada’s most unique full swing and short game programming.  Can you believe this is the only one like this in our whole country?  The results were off the charts and the feedback was outstanding. But now it’s time to transition inside…

With online golf instruction taking off as it has, my in-person coaching is limited this winter, and with our current environment, it might be best for everyone.  My programming is long and my time is limited, to ensure that my bubble of students stays small.  I have a terrific junior team and a group of avid professionals, so I have 2 offerings in my private studio in Oakville from October 1st, 2020 through April 1st, 2021.


2 options:  TEN 60-minute lessons or TEN 90-minute lessons

Availability:  Weekdays at 830am and 730pm & Saturdays at 830am and 1030am

Time outside these hours are limited and are not available on a recurring basis, which is something this program is based on: CONSISTENCY.  Isn’t that what you ultimately want?  It starts with you and regular practice and check-ups, and more if you’re looking to improve.  Please let me know where you will be practicing outside the lesson times as your own practice space is encouraged to maximize this program.  Space is limited. Please inquire about fees and remaining availability.