Junior Development

Providing the individual attention required.

Nick Starchuk supports the Golf Canada FutureLinks initiatives in all junior camps and clinics while following key features from the USKids and TPI JR programming.

As a certified PGA of Canada coach of New and Developing Competitors (CNC and CDC), the individual attention required to develop a junior golfer through high school and into an NCAA program at a US post secondary institution is demanding. The time commitments on the golfer are more than double the team training in football, basketball or hockey, and since golf is an individual game, each competitive player needs individual coaching to their style and needs. For private coaching of your junior golfer, please inquire below.

For seasonal information on summer camps, junior and pre-junior clinics, and full day junior sessions, please click link below.

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  • U10 Pre-Junior Competitors : for young golfers competing regionally and internationally on tours such as the USKids tour, both individual and group coaching is available as well as recommendations of the allowed caddies.
  • U14 Junior Competitors : for young athletes competing regionally and internationally on tours such as CJGA, GolfOntario and GolfCanada, and in the US on the AJGA, FCWT, HJGT or TJGT, this year round one on one coaching relationship is based solely on what the player needs to become stronger and better, faster. These players will have multiple coaching sessions per week including their self-driven fitness program as well as tournament preparation and supervision throughout the year.
  • U18 Junior Competitors : for athletes with a track record of regional competition and aspirations of NCAA golf and beyond, space is limited for this unique one on one coaching opportunity. College Placement Services is a team partner and provides unparalleled NCAA scholarship assistance.
  • U22 NCAA/CAU Team Players : For collegiate players who require support while away from home, online tools can help manage swing issues while consistent contact can manage stressful issues away from the course. This is a coaching relationship more than golf swing lessons.

Junior Prep Camp

In association with Golf Placement Services, we are proud to host Junior Prep Camps to provide the industry leading skill tests and evaluations while learning the facts of NCAA college golf recruitment. These intimate prep camps will provide guidance to earning a golf scholarship with the potential for a concierge service with Brendan Ryan from GPS. His discussion at dinner will include parents and guide everyone the many possibilities and opportunities there are for NCAA scholarships.

Junior Prep Camp Calendar - Released Soon!

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