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If you’re like me, you search the internet for “how to” videos on all types of things, golf included. I’m a paid member of many golf sites out there to not only learn some new information but to get a feel of what golfers are looking for with online content. Whether it’s a video from the archive or a live presentation on a particular topic, the Video Vault is a way for you to clarify some ideas and shape some concepts about your golf swing. New for 2018 are videos on the ever important pre shot and post shot routine, some new strategies to help you get through some nemesis holes, and all the insight and behind the scenes statistical analysis for the AGENT125 presentations and podcasts.
Sign up below for you introductory month trial of only $49 and get instant access to hours of video instruction. When you find that the information is solid and easy to access you can upgrade to the annual subscription of $129. Sign up for this before July 1, 2018 and receive a FREE online golf lesson.
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