Nick Starchuk

Golf Instructor


As a former NCAA Academic All American, Starchuk returned to Canada to share his experiences and expertise as a golf instructor and was fortunate to be part of a very active instructional team at Glen Abbey Golf Club. With the busy Toronto golf market, he was able to quickly fill his schedule and gain 10,000 hours of real world teaching experience. In addition to the many coaching styles he’s observed and seminars attended, his well rounded approach to the golf swing and ability to relay a message in many ways has continued to make him a sought after instructor for players looking to shoot lower scores, guaranteed.

Nick’s influences include TPI, Yoga, Biomechanics, and many of the other body and movement experts who have focused on golf. Mind coaches and mental performance specialists are continually discovering reasons and fixes for many of golf’s mental struggles and keeping up with the leaders and their published material is a never ending journey. There are many swing coaches to list and with the help of the internet and social media, Starchuk's network of influence is wide, from driving range teachers, national coaches, tour consultants, and covers many swing methods, styles, and technological optimal patterns so that each player who visits the Academy is able to receive the best information available.