A veteran, award-winning golf instructor, Nick Starchuk has spent his adult life searching for knowledge about the golf swing and the methods that will make his students better players.

“My goal has always been to seek out coaches, doctors, and trainers and learn from the best so I have a holistic understanding of the best way to assist those who come to me for instruction,” says Starchuk. “That means spending time watching the best players in the game on the range at a PGA Tour event, or observing a great coach working with a new golfer. The goal is the same—to learn as much as I can. It is a never-ending process.”

Starchuk has worked as a golf instructor and coach for more than 20 years, having previously worked at Mississaugua Golf and Glen Abbey Golf Club. He has multiple fitness and mental coaching certifications, and has coached both college and professional golfers, and helped regional golfers develop into Provincial and National Teams.

The winner of the 2013 Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year, Starchuk has also been runner-up in other categories.

“I view assisting golfers as a challenge that involves a wide variety of experiences and expertise, which is why I’ve sought out leaders in coaching—both in sports and life—to help further my knowledge,” he adds. “That means working closely with physical trainers and medical doctors to understand the science behind the biomechanics, as well as to recognize conditioning issues that might limit what a golfer can do.” That also means having a network of experts he can rely on.

Throughout it all, he’s always working on finding ways to connect and communicate with the golfers he assists, whether that player is a mini-tour professional, or aspiring amateur.

Nick currently operates the #1 Golf School in Canada, hosted at TPC Toronto, where over 400 golfers each summer have access to 4 hours of instruction – a program unparalleled in the country.