Your personal source for all your game improvement needs.These are not golf lessons with just 1 thing to work on and leave – those just don’t work. Nick has spent his career not only learning about golf development but creating the right environment for learning, from the facilities, to the people, but also the time commitment for a learning session.

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Putting Lessons & Fitting – Studio or Outdoors

There aren’t very many putting coaches out there, let alone in Canada, and since about 40% of your strokes are on the green, I have made it point to learn from the best specialists to provide the real reasons and fixes as to why you have too many putts.From Green Reading to an in depth 3D stroke analysis, I use technology to assist in the diagnosis as well as to confirm the prescription and break it down to a few easy concepts and games to play to help blend the mechanics with the performance.On top of just putting lessons, I am involved with putter companies to help offer the best indoor or outdoor fitting experience in Canada, as I am the only coach to develop a unique fitting system unavailable to anyone else.

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Sign up for Online Lessons! We can discuss your swing anytime, whether it’s via video submission, FaceTime call or a video analysis and help you shape your ideas about your swing. A lot of golf development is understanding the concepts and tasks and how they relate to scoring and strategy. For more info, download the SKILLEST APP now

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Junior Development “The Program”

“The Program” is the simple name I’ve used to describe my Junior Development Team.For golfers who are looking to play competitive golf with the chance to play in the NCAA, this program goes over all the details like swing speed and technique, physical strength and conditioning and a mental of psychological component to help develop confidence and a belief in their training system to get the most out of their game.Acceptance to the program is limited to 7 players annually with a interview process to determine if The Program is the right fit. To date, players in The Program have earned spots on Team Ontario, Team Canada and with the assistance of Brendan Ryan of Golf Placement Services, we have a 100% placement rate for junior golfers who choose to play NCAA golf at both Division 1 and Division 2 institutions.In the last 15 years, the players have excelled at schools such as Southern Mississippi, College of Charleston, Florida Southern, Ohio State, Cal Baptist, Queen’s U of Charlotte, Penn State, Ottawa U of Arizona, and St Louis Missouri, Michigan State, and more.

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Why are all swing development programs 1 hour long once a week? Call anywhere for lessons and this is the program design you’ll be offered. Our programming has always been different and that’s why we see gains today that stay tomorrow.

Summer Golf Schools

⛳️ Full Swing & Ball Striking OR Short Game & Putting
📍 TPC Toronto Osprey Valley 
🗓 Tuesdays Thursdays Fridays & Saturdays 
⏰ 830am – 1230pm & 1pm – 5pm
These schools are for golfers of all abilities yet limited to 4 players each to ensure everyone receives the individual attention their swing requires. What makes our schools different, is that each player has time to practice the new moves, under supervision with correction and answers when required.  We layer the right pieces at the right time to ensure you finish the school with your moves to your tempo to swing your swing.  
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Email Nick@NickStarchukGolf.Com for more details, scheduling and registration.  

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Studio Lessons

Canada has a dual golf season – summer and winter – and as a full time coach, I coach as many hours in the winter as in the summer.My private studio in Oakville allows for indoor practice and training when the courses are closed to make an improvement in your game so that when courses open again in the spring, golfers are ready for action with a new found accuracy and speed.Indoor lessons are limited and training is 3 months at at time because in order to make a significant change that lasts, we need more than a small series of lessons.